Four things we need before Age IV

Hey guys, there are a couple of things I think AOE3DE needs before AOE4 comes out.

  1. Offline DLC civs
    I unlocked the US in the challenges and I can’t use them when I play offline. I assume this is also true for the African civs. I think we really ought to be able to use them offline.

  2. Unpermanent Home City Customizations
    Why can’t I remove the coach from the Dutch home city? Why can’t you remove the urns from the German military academy after you add them? Why can’t you turn off the torchy, fisherman, priest, or other people wandering around your city after you pick them?
    Basically, I want to be able to undo any customization so that way I can not be worried about messing up my home city with something I don’t like. I know most people don’t use the customizations, but I think it ought to be done right anyway.

  3. Fix Settler Wagons’ gathering animations
    Settler Wagons' Settlers Standing in Donkeys
    The dude stands/crouches in the donkey whenever he gathers resources.
    (Big shout out to fixing the Swedish Priests’ voice. That was another thing I noticed.)

  4. Swedish Immigrants
    In an Aussie Drongo video, he showed us the art for a Swedish Immigrants card that was never actually made for the US. I’m actually a descendant of Swedish immigrants, so I think it would be really cool to have this card in the game. I don’t think a single torp (or two, maybe with some of the fish crates) would break the US.

This is the age 2 forum, not the age 3 forum

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