Fps drop in menu

İ dont know whether it is about my pc but, i encountered with fps drops 3-4 times in menu.


me and my friend had same problem, after restart the routers , this problem seems solved.

me too , even i played in offline mode

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I wrote 3-4 times in the from about that issue. I read the patch notes which you released from the official facebook page of aoe. However, I didn’t even see any solutions of mentions about the fps drop problem. I always encounter with that fps drops when you click masteries. When you exit from the masteries, there is a huge fps drops which is staying until you enter a game. Please fix that problem. It is destroying the gameplay!!

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I have the same problem with meniu getting laggy after 1st game i play.
It becomes smooth if i restart the game.

Same fo me very laggy the longer I play