FPS drops which are fixed by alt-tab-ing

Game version: 5.0.11963.0

Game is consistently unplayable with extremely low frame rates. The mouse moves fine on the screen but takes forever to register that it’s pointing at a unit. Same story with the in game menu when I hit escape. However, mysteriously, this fixes itself when I alt-tab to a different program - the frame rate is normal and the units work as expected. Even the menu slowness is fixed. The quickest way to exit the game is to do:

hit escape
alt tab twice (go away from and then return to aoe4)
click quit game
alt tab twice again
click yes

Since I cannot interact with the game while it isn’t the current program, I can’t actually play the game right now. Anyone else facing the same issue/have any suggestions for how to fix? Thanks!

Set up:
Playing through the xbox app on pc
Two 1440p monitors connected to the graphics card (but only using one of these monitors to play the game in full-screen)

Hey @WebbiestSpace9! Sorry to hear there are issues with Age IV performance. We would love to figure out what’s happening here. Is this happening in all modes or one in particular? Have you noticed it on a certain map size or with a certain amount of players?

When you ALT+TAB to get the game running correctly, how long does that last—through the match or until you exit the game? Or until a certain menu is opened?

Has it always been this way for you, or just after updating to the current version? If on Steam, have you tried out the PUP build to see if anything is different?

If you could answer the above, but also to contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file, it would be amazingly helpful. Appreciate it!