France red palace OP

Just faced on of those near my base, its impossibe to take down.
This guy suicided his entire knight army to build a red palace near my base and filled it with villagers.
This thing instakills even buildings.

The damage starts out with 3x 60 damage, and every garrison adds a 60 damage attack (x15). Meaning 18x60 damage everying 1,38s = 782 damage/s with NO upgrades.
Who invents this?

It has 10 range and instakilled even my warships (who are at 9 range and 2x range upgrade takes a while and is expensive).

I sent an army of trebs to it, but he just instantly repaired with the villagers and adds 1 springald.
I have to use my army to take down springald (50+ units). They get the kill, but all die to palace before i can retreat. Rince repeat and bye bye econ and gg.

I think if he sacrificed his entire army to place it, it is much deserved. You always want to avoid the red keep and it is only landmark that can stop mass knight rush. You actually have to build siege to counter it. 4+ bombard or treb are the counter.

Also if he lost his army and is keeping his villagers in the keep and repairing it, you can go for his base instead. His eco is bad. You can move your base and target his base.


I’ve never seen somebody do that yet. I don’t believe it’s normal to try to, considering the cost he put into it, so I wouldn’t say that it’s OP, just a high risk thing he did against you and got rewarded for it this time.

As ZdsAlpha pointed out, you ought to be at an advantage if you take the situation well.


Use archer and ram…

Work well for me.

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It doesn’t work if there are 15 units inside it. In current game meta we pretty much ignore Keeps and Towers if the mass is large. They barely do any damage. Red Keep isn’t like that. it can destroy rams when there are 15 units inside. But most people don’t know this. I learnt it the hard way when I lost entire knight mass. If you see it, do not attack it first. Attack everything else, like their base, farms etc.

But still the landmark isn’t used that much. College of Artillery is considered to be better than Red Keep. Red Keep is useful in team games, if your teammates can defend your base, you can place this landmark on strategic location and hold it.

The keep can fire back at normal bombard, though. You will need to bring Trebs to safely kill it

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I send in 80 ram, the castle falled prety quick, even full .:stuck_out_tongue:

stop trying to focus on taking it down so desperately and attack in other areas of the map…

it’s age 4 landmark, you are supposed to use siege weapons to outrange it, and yeah anything within its range will die fast.


It usually has overkill problem, meaning all those 15 + 3 arbalests fire at the same time to one target while only 2-3 of them are enough to kill, so that dps is far from 100% efficient unless against high HP targets like rams or buildings.

It’s also outranged by trebuchets and bombards, which you should have access to in age 4 (this is an age 4 landmark). It’s only strong against regular units and rams, and even so, once I did see my red palace getting burnt down by a large enough mass of cavalry, so it’s not untouchable.

The other choice of French age 4 landmark is College of Artillery which is very good too, and it’s even much more popular than Red Palace, so I don’t see any evidence that Red Palace is OP.

Lastly, if you let your enemy build a normal keep next to your base, you’re screwed already, let alone it be the Red Palace.