Frankish UU Concept - Cuirassier

Imaginary secondary unique unit for the Franks that replaces the Paladin at the Stable in Imperial Age.

HP (Base —> Frankish bonus): 170 —> 204
Attack: 15
Melee/Pierce: 3/3
Training cost, upgrade cost, and all other stats are same as for regular Paladins.

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Gendarmes is the correct unit name.

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Gendarme literally translates to man at arms

Why? Franks are already super strong. They are alredy the #1 civ across all Elos. They are also #1 1200+ elo civ.

Why do you want to buff them even more? Or do you have a nerf somewhere else?


I was considering Gendarmes at that point too. Another name that I thought of is the Grenadier, or Chevalier.

You know what? If we have Byzantines (Eastern Romans) and Romans,(Western Romans) we may as well have Franks, Teutons (Eastern Franks) and French (Western Franks). Give Gendarmes to the French.

Furthermore, because I’m mental and have no purpose in life, I’ll probably spam this on other topics and whatnot.

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Konnik just means rider was that an issue in making in an UU?

I’ll add: cataphract means “armored”, conquistador means “Conqueror”, genitour means “horseman”

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Do you really want to give franks another UU?


Given that Paladins are in the game, having them unavailable to Franks just seems weird – especially with their incredibly French-looking sprite. I think you’d be better off suggesting renaming the Paladin, on the grounds that they are too legendary and/or historically came before knights.

Also, your proposal is strictly better than Paladins. I. What world do Franks need better Paladins?

Don’t we basically have that with Burgundians? (If you ignore their name and just look at the civ design?)

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I would like more if paladins are a franks and burgundian UU, like Winged Hussars for poles and lithuanians

Just other 9 civs “uses” them…

Celts and Byzs that lacks BL and some blacksmith upgrade
Spanish, that usually go Conqs and ignores them
Huns that be honest, would be more inmersive civ if they didn’t have them
Magyars that have superior HCA and light cav and it wouldn’t be a problem if they loss paladins
Persians have elephants and is likely they will have some attention soon

So in reality only Teutons, Cumans, Lithuanians would need a compensation

Note that I’m only considering TG, because Paladins are very rare in 1v1