Free for All, FFA

I really hope FFA is being looked at in a serious manner. Its a really fun game mode and there are whole communities of players that really only want to play FFA.

AOE2 had diplomacy ( I think so?) yet AOE3 did not. I am thinking it would not be too hard to make an option to allow or not to have diplomacy as an option in FFA.

It can be fun, but for some FFA enthusiast who want to keep it pure negates the purpose of it.

They need large maps for it too, and to consider balancing FFA with enough gaia trade markets.

Thanks for listening!


I really do hope this is a thing, free for all’s are always great fun, with open diplomacy can create some real drama in a game. Particularly enjoy content creators shoutcasting/ streaming this particular game mode :slight_smile:

But don’t forget King of the Hill or Regicide game modes! Those are hilariously good fun too.


FFA is essential for diplo games


I actually didnt even consider that FFA might not be in the game :open_mouth: since they do have strong impacts from Age 2, i hope they will also orient the modes after that game :smiley:


KOTH is one of the funnest game modes of FFA, way under appreciated!

I never played much regicide but I am sure some people enjoy it… Wasn’t hosted very much… but AOE3 people seem to also love a invented game called LOST, where you basically had nothing to start with. Except an explorer (or in this case a couple vils)

I am sure FFA will be part of the game, but whether or not diplomacy can be toggled is another… It seems like it would not be too much to ask .

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I 100% agree with this.

Age of Empires 2 spoiled me… It spoiled me SOOOO MUCH!

When I play other RTS games I go into the matchmaking and the vast majority of the time I’m disappointed. Lack of game modes. Lack of maps. Lack of options in general for gameplay.

I hope Age 4 has similar diversity to Age 2 in terms of matchmaking options. I cannot tell you how long I spend in the menu setting up Player vs AI matches with myself. I set things up just right for me.

In the game Iron Harvest there is a heavy lack of options in general, let alone singleplayer. It’s a fun RTS but I just wish there was more option diversity.


Yes! imagine giant Diplomacy battles in these types of maps for AOE4


see on a map like that diplomacy would work, otherwise would be so hard to control all the map. And maybe no one knows who will colonize which continents

But in other maps Diplomacy would just lead to FFA becoming a unbalanced team games.

So we need options

I just hope Relic understands a large amount of players are dedicated to FFA

Our AOE3 FFA clan has over 200 members (though most are inactive due to DE and it being a old clan)

we need extremely big map sizes, even sligthy bigger than luducruis to have a good world map


FFA should definitely be in the game. Maybe even a matchmaking system for it.


DeMuslim hosts an FFA every Friday on Twitch. He usually wins, so he needs more serious challengers! It is great fun and simulcast by him and other participants. Don’t anybody spoil it in the chat!
His stream comes out afterwards on YT.


Relic has a half completed diplomacy option in the essence editor. The nomad mod creator has said it will need finished which is a big undertaking but is looking into doing that and releasing a Nomad Diplomacy mod along side Nomad to test as he works on it. Idk if this will happen but it’s some insight. Also advanced game settings has working ish diplomacy. The vision settings were weird…like if you marked someone as ally they could see your vision even if they had you as hostile. Maybe it’s as intended…I noticed too that after aligning with someone if you went back to hostile again you could still see their vision. Maybe it was settings but even with that…it was really cool to play with.


And don’t forget the Outback Octagon hosted by Aussie Drongo every week.

Details here The Outback Octagon - Liquipedia Age of Empires Wiki.

I’s an iteresting format that’s fun to watch. And betrails and chaos reins.

Alot of people started enjoying the format.


We need more custom game settings and a fully completed diplomacy option. Besides this game needs more game modes like tower defense and generally new content.