Free palisade wall for Cumans

Is giving free construction cost of palisade wall to Cumans sensible?
My rationales:

  1. Doesn’t seem too OP. Only in early game there’s some resource help, but the construction time is still there. The effect is the strongest in the early game where Cumans struggle especially in open maps. One might be incentivized to wall up earlier than usual due to relieved wood constraints.
  2. Counteracts specific nerf to Cumans itself due to multiple palisade nerfs.
  3. Incentivizes using the wood-heavy civ bonuses of Cumans.
  4. Less dangerous than tweaking the second TC bonus.

It might even make sense to extend wood savings to houses (unlike the Huns, they need to take time to build them, but give them a bit more nomadic vibe imo). Share your thoughts…

But it is. Next
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Why though? More than half of the real cost of palisade wall is the construction time.
Reference: How much do walls cost? - YouTube

Free palisade wall is probably not OP but having a free building could open the room for exploits and I wouldn’t risk such a change. Also probably OP if it applies to palisade gates since you could quickwall with them for free.


Interesting idea. It would definitely help them save early wood and be able to defend in the early game better while still requiring villager time to build. I like the idea, especially considering their recent nerf.

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Gates are probably too much, fair point.
In terms of exploits… something like walling your opponent in at the beginning of the game? I still think the bottleneck is construction time spent of villagers. Unless there are some other scenarios…

Well the bottom line is, I don’t think the second TC or Feudal ram is going away ever, like some other ppl suggested. So maybe there’s another way to address their early game. The devs are probably very proud of this design whether we like it or not…

I am thinking in terms of engine exploits. A free building was probably not something they had in mind when programming the rest of the game… for example it could have been a problem with the old engine when you could see what’s happening on a building foundation.

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yeah I thought about a slight wood bonus incorporated with defense, and this is what I came up with. They definitely don’t need a strong early game eco bonus imo (If they can get the second TC due to the help/on top of a strong extra eco bonus, things might get out of control…).

I see. Concerns of unintended bugs is valid. I obviously don’t know the source code, though some other unusual mechanics had been added on top of existing ones (e.g. Khmer’s quantum farmers), so I thought this might be worth a shot…

i think it would be silly cause you could place foundations everywhere on the map without any downside as long as you dont send any vil to build it. not op but silly, i think halving the cost or making them built faster would be almost as good but not possibly exploitable

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Silly indeed.

Though I don’t know why would anyone want to do that… The opponent can’t see until they were actually being constructed. Maybe mess with your allies?

Maybe both half cost and built faster is sensible (though half cost is overlapping Mayan team bonus).

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Maybe not literally everywhere on the map, but I think laming your opponents resources (wall in gold/stone piles) would be pretty good with cumans, as the existing TB also makes the walls stronger :smiley: So I think a wall with literally 0 cost would probably not be a good idea.

it should be balanced that way, yeah.

I can see all resources walled with double, even triple layer… No please…

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If i had free walls i would start 2 vills to making 9 or 10 layers of walls and slowly triple wall outside resources. It would be a stellar move till castle. Im at an elo that can afford 2 doing nothing. In arena i may as well change my name to wall because i would wall you up every game. The regular wall would be upset because everyone would be Stealing his strategy.

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I really don’t think this is worth sacrificing villager work time that early.

That’s a huge amount of walling time, excluding walking time even. Well into a reasonable time for opponent to get to castle age when palisade walls pose much less problem.

When you as low elo as me quantity bets quality.

can’t wait to lay down infinite foundations and turn the map into “all visible”