Free Town Center bug

Select a Villager, press shift and build a Town Center.
Hold the shift key and try to put the Town Center foundation into the Settlement under construction once again. You get back the cost of the Town Center.


This bug is also related to the Town Center can not be finished problem:

and build too slow bugs:

If someone use this exploit, the construction speed ignores all newly added villagers and after you remove the originals, it also ignores them and the Town Center will never be finished.
Al misteries have been solved. Great. :grinning:

Please do something about it developers… people is starting to abuse this, game is becoming unplayable. I don’t want to see my favorite game dying. none of us


Game Version: 2.8.5288199

Issue: Free town Center

Town Centers can be created for free, you use the resources to build it, then you get the resources back by performing the following steps, this can be done in single mode and also online.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Pres Shift and hold it until the last step
  2. Start the construction of the TC .
  3. Once the construction have started, place the TC shadow over the construction and left click.
  4. Release the shift button.

Here is an example in an online game


Good news I think I have figured out a fix! I will fully confirm and release some sort of patch for it if possible.


Here is my first attempt. There is a problem with the behaviour of TC when getting damaged while building but otherwise almost works:!AvsfU0aCtYnZkltNowlQh0WSW6FJ?e=EXrOHo


There is one problem with this fix: unfinished Town Centers increase the population cap.

Oooh interesting - that does make things more difficult (Not impossible - I can think of ways around it). I probably need to look at a new avenue for a fix though.

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is this fix only available for Voobly version?

Men you too are doing the work of the gods.

No it will only work on the EE version - I use some commands that don’t exist in voobly version and the “fix” is not one I can port over in its current version for now. As there are some problems with this fix I will revisit it again at some point if there is sufficient interest in getting a workaround and I get any particular new good ideas. If anyone knows a way to detect a player dropping a TC plot on a settlement then I know how to do a proper working fix (On detecting a placed TC simply boot the player out of build mode - this completely fixes the issue with the small negative that you cannot shift place multiple TCs). Unfortunately dropping a TC plot does not generate a unit or increment the “next unit name” so cannot use that as a detector but there might be some kb command or something I missed that would work - there’s definitely something that detects it as game forbids dropping a second one if it is your first.


OMG, you can really save the game.

What is it that you need? what can a simple mortal can do to help u?

Basically need to figure a way to detect when a player places a TC so I can apply the fix of booting a player out of build mode. (I don’t count hotkeys as a valid means because they can be remapped)

Annoyingly for everything BUT TC I can detect when someone places it because it generates a new object - the building plot that I can detect.

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People are really abusing this and ruining online experience =(

Please, do something, guys!!

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No, shell out $30 for a Definitive Edition that will be coming out half baked next year, all after the severely dodgy launch of AoEIV.