Free Town Center bug

Select a Villager, press shift and build a Town Center.
Hold the shift key and try to put the Town Center foundation into the Settlement under construction once again. You get back the cost of the Town Center.


This bug is also related to the Town Center can not be finished problem:

and build too slow bugs:

If someone use this exploit, the construction speed ignores all newly added villagers and after you remove the originals, it also ignores them and the Town Center will never be finished.
Al misteries have been solved. Great. :grinning:

Please do something about it developers… people is starting to abuse this, game is becoming unplayable. I don’t want to see my favorite game dying. none of us

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Game Version: 2.8.5288199

Issue: Free town Center

Town Centers can be created for free, you use the resources to build it, then you get the resources back by performing the following steps, this can be done in single mode and also online.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Pres Shift and hold it until the last step
  2. Start the construction of the TC .
  3. Once the construction have started, place the TC shadow over the construction and left click.
  4. Release the shift button.

Here is an example in an online game

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