Free up Scenario Editor for Folwark

I would very much like to use mills in SE for Poles, as well as using Folwarks for any other civ, both as eye candy.
Not asking for any new civ specific sprites for the folwark; I just like using all the assets. The folwark is a pretty building, and I would like to use it without having make extra Pole players and then go through scripting to get them into non-Pole towns.



Cant you just make gaia poland and put the new mills?

Haven’t used the scenario editor with DotD yet, but I’m sure I saw a Folwark in an enemy base in the last scenario of the Lithuanian campaign and none of the players were Poles

Why can’t they just made the mills 3x3 :frowning:

Editor units are not behind a paywall

A nice addition I notice FE

That might work; I’ll have to see. Still, I have never understood some of the unit restrictions. As for instance, why earlier age units disappear when you set a player to a later age (EG, Imperial age cannot have man-at-arms). I know that this seems situational, but it has been a restriction I had to work around before. I think it would be nice if every unit (and building) was always available in the editor, just for creative reasons.