Freeze and Disconnect

Hi folks!

I have another problem about my game.

Like 2 days ago, my game started to freeze in RM games(1v1 and TGS. Didint check it in AI games/campaings yet). I dunno why it happens bcs i think my pc and internet is good enough to play this game. Also it was working perfectly before.

My screen is freezing like 5 seconds and then everything happens SO fast. If it freeze more than 2-3 times, everything happens SO fast and SO slow after freezing. Usually, i’m disconnecting from game after slow speed thing. (Also i rly dont like to see 10 kts in my base while i was trying quick walls before freeze 11)

Do you have any ideas for solve this? I think it couses from game, not my pc or my internet connection.

Thx for answers…