French Age II Landmark bugged

Guess noone has discovered this yet since french never do this - but today our french player aged up with chamber of commerce instead of school of cavalery.

Chamber of commerce reads: Traders turn in 30% more ressources into Markets and Docks.
Now as you can see in the video - His traders had a bit further to go than mine. Mine brought 305. His 326.
305+30% ~395. Not 326.

Another Bug: The Arbaletrier gains fixed 5 Ranged armor from the shields up ability rather than +5 Ranged armor. Either change the description or the ability.

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:laughing: Thanks!! We’re looking into it.

This feels like splitting hairs, but maybe I’m not following.


Without shield buff:

With shield buff:

If the Arbaletrier has ranged armor due to Iron Undermesh, Wedge Rivets and Angled Surfaces they do not end up with 6, 7 and 8 ranged armor respectively when using pavise, but 5. It is setting the ranged armor to 5, rather than adding 5 to it.

Pavise goes from being a +5 ranged armor bonus to a +2 ranged armor bonus in late game.


…and that is exactly what I was missing! Thank you for clearing that up @TheTrebuchet :pray:. I’ll get this logged so the team can check it out.


Thanks for clearing that up, was just about to do some screenshots :smiley:

But yes, in effect:
0+5 = 5 (correct)
1+5 = 5
2+5 = 5
3+5 = 5 :smiley:



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