[French Arbalétrier] Crossbow Stirrups Attack Speed bug

As we all know, a lot of the attack speed values are incorrect. I have yet to see a bug report for the Arbalétrier so I decided to do some testing myself.

From my tests, it shows that the tooltip for Arbalétrier is incorrect.

This screen shot shows the unupgraded Attack speed of Arbalétrier:
xbowattspeed1 (3)

Arbalétrier have a unique upgrade called Crossbow Stirrups which reduces the reload time of Arbalétriers by 25%.

With some basic calculations, we should expect the attack speed to become 1.59s Attack speed (2.12/0.75 = 1.59s). Which inherently means 33% faster Attack speed (2.12/1.59 = 1.33 or 33%) but this is not the case.

The picture below shows the new attack speed we get after researching Crossbow Stirrups:
xbowattspeed2 (2)

Now again with some basic maths, we can calculate what the Reload time this upgrade is actually giving us (1.81/2.12 = ~0.85) which is actually around a 15% reduction to Reload time or roughly a 17.5% increase to Attack speed. This means you’re only receiving around 50% of the effect from the upgrade.

Either only the tooltips are incorrect or the tooltips and the in-game mechanics are too in which we are experiencing a totally different game to what we are seeing as a lot of the Attack speed or Reload speed buffs are incorrect. The main other example would be the English Networks of Castles buff not giving the correct values either.

Thanks for reading, hope it gets fixed soon!


Edit: After testing this thoroughly, the tech is not working as intended.

I tested the Regular Arbalétrier against the handcannon which have the same Attack speeds (2.12s) and found they both consistently attack roughly 28 times per minute. With a small amount of error accounted for, this gives us the attack speed of 2.12, thus the tooltip is correct.

I researched the tech and calculated how many attack per minute a decrease of 25% reload speed would be and it came out to 37.

I tested this and only managed to get 32 attacks per minute from the Arbalétrier with the upgrade, which, including for error, worked out to be only ~14% decrease in reload speed.

The tech simply isn’t working as advertised.

Thank you for reporting @Simplify9292. For this particular one, I believe it’s a tooltip issue and things are working as expected. For others, such as the Chinese Reload Drills, the team is working on it. Appreciate the report!