French Bug with Ancien Régime card

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

:point_down: Bug with the card Ancien Régime *

  • **GAME BUILD 13.27885
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Play with the french and send the card Ancient Régime (Note: According to the update it should be in Age I but is in Age II).
The icons of the Royal Muskeeter and Royal Dragoon appear in black.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: ############ STEPS

Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start a skirmish with the french
  2. Advance to Age II
  3. Send the card Ancient Régime
  4. Build a Royal Embassy

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

The icons of the Royal Muskeeter and Royal Dragoon must appear

:arrow_forward: IMAGE


:arrow_forward: GAME FILES (SAVE / RECORDING)


It happens too when the units are selected:

Related bug: shipping Prince-Electors updates an existing Native Embassy’s icon & name to “Royal Embassy”, but doesn’t update its model. Ancient Régime needs to be checked for the same issue.

Other visual notes:

  • The player color regions are very subdued on both models. In NE it’s only a colored outline running at its base. In RE it’s the very light hue of the wall paint - same color design approach as European Trading Post, but with a smaller visible area.

  • Royal Embassy reuses the treasure chest model, which is misleading or at least distracting. Players have already complained about AOE2’s Asian building models having bamboos that look indistinguishable from natural resources; this is a similar UX problem.

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