French Campaign Achievements not unlocking


after finishing all 8 missions of the hundred year war campaign, I didnt unlock the achievement on steam. The same goes for the dont loose a canon achievement in the battle of Formigny mission.

However, i recieved both achievements ingame.

So far, i played the battle of Formigny 3 times. During the first try, I made a manual save, during the next two runs, I didnt because I read about a bug regarding achievements and manual saves, but this didnt unlock them either.

I dont know if this is important, but my first two runs were before yesterdays server maintenance, my third try was today.

Ingame Achievements:
Screenshot 2023-02-16 191839

Thank you!

Addition: These are the Screenshots of the missing Steam Achievements:

2/2, sorry im new and can only attach one Picture per post ^^

Hey again, the problem got solved, I recieved both achievements randomly while playing the first mission of the mongols campaign. :smiley: