French Fusiliers & Scottish Highlander’s for the Swedes

I’d love to see the French fusiliers and Scottish highlanders added back to the Swedish deck.

I think that those old two HC cards should be added to the French and British civs deck respectively, as Sweden already has a plethora of mercenary choices.

Maybe give Sweden an infinite Royal Arquebusier card in Age 3 or something instead.

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I think they’re quite useless when you have caroleans which are so upgradeable. You have giant grenadiers which are better than both of those mercs and only 2 pop.


Just stylistically, I hardly ever would consider sending fusilliers or highlanders. They’re both musketeer type and so’s the Carolean. I’d have to be running an all-gold economy to think about doing something like that. The Caroleans are quite good on their own. Fusiliers add speed and range and cost 300g. Highlanders are powerful, short-range ones for 200g.

As OriginalKnot717 said, if you’re going to invest a card to enable the mercs, giant grenadiers are a much better choice in Age 3, then in Age 4, send the German mercenaries card to open up Jaegers (skirms), Landskneckts (melee HI), and Black Riders (light cav). I’ve played with getting Swiss pikes and they’re undeniably the anti-cav choice, but Landskneckts are more versatile, so unless you’re up against an obligatory cav-heavy civ (Sioux, Hausa, France, etc), I would just stick with the regular Swedish pikes and use Landskneckts as my front line.

Stylistically, I think I’m more comfortable with Dutch getting the Highlander/Fusilier debate since that’s their filler for missing musks. Swedes need a front line HI (halb - Landsknechts) and a skirms (Jaeger). Anything beyond that probably should be historically justified, and I’m not that much of a Swedish historian to comment much. I get the argument for game play reasons. Sweden is the merc civ so they get at least 1 option for every slot. Their options are good as they are and shouldn’t be changed without a compelling reason, IMO.