French Galleass 1 per shot to docks

tooltip says 143 damage on the galleass bombard, dock tooltip says 50 ranged armour.

The scenario is 2v2 vs AI.
Im french, im pretty sure the ai was chinese. I pulled my Gulls away and noticed the Dock didnt seem to be taking any damage.
A line of about 8 Galleass vs One Dock.
Per shot it seemed to be doing 1 damage per hit.
Against ships it seemed to be doing less damage also though I spent barely a glance at trying to observe this as the ships would still fall rapidly enough.
My theory is that galleass does 43 damage instead of 143 damage.
At very least that would roughly explain the discrepancy.


I have noticed this too, and it’s not just docks. Against all buildings it can do 1 damage per shot BUT it seems random, and I’ve seen them also take out buildings very quickly, as expected.

I don’t know if it’s an intentional game mechanic or not, but their damage against ships seems to be directional? If you shoot another ship that is facing you, it does virtually no damage, but if you shoot a ship that is side on to you, they do much more damage. But another ship shooting a galleass from the front does a lot of damage. I have no idea if this is a bug or if ships are supposed to have different armour in different directions.

Check this video AoE4 - Super armor dock - YouTube, the dock only loses 1 hp per fire from 1 Galleass. That doesn’t seem right. What are they firing pebbles? However when they fire at towers, the towers lose more health.

The dock is in influence of the Elzbach landmark, and is given a 33% armor bonus. That doesn’t explain why the towers lose more health on each hit from a Galleass but the docks it’s only 1 hp.

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Thanks @all! I’ve logged this so we can investigate internally. We appreciate the bug report.