French Knights

What should I be upgrading with my French Knights to make them stronger and survive longer? Which Techs?

Upgrade all melee techs and armor techs in your blacksmith, do all the upgrades for your knights in the stable and there is an upgrade for Calvary in the university for higher hp

It depends on what units your opponent is making.
Techs cost a lot of gold, specially early on, so you gotta pick the upgrades that are relevant to the situation.
For example against English who make a lot of longbows you want to prioritise the ranged armor upgrade, while in a French mirror or against a someone who is making a lot of melee units then you want the melee armor instead. Obviously eventually you want to have all of them but it’s always good to research them in accordance to what your oponent is throwing at you.


The French automatically get melee damage.

The most important upgrade to get early on is ranged defense (S I believe is the hotkey)


Build a blacksmith and you receive the first melee dmg increase for free.
Research Chivalry from School of Cavalry landmark for health regen passive.
Research each of the Knight age-up upgrades (eg. Elite in Imperial).
Research Royal Bloodlines from the university for another health upgrade (35% health +)
Grab additional blacksmith upgrades as you are able based on enemy composition.

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Thank you gang! Now I know what to waste my resources on!