French last age units

So… ottomans have janissars, ruskies strelsi, china whatever the gunpowder units are called, Why doesn’t french have a special unit? I’m asking about french because I find it easy to find units for example, gendarmes last stage cavarly unit with increased armor or whatever, musketers? They were well known but perhaps outside of the scope of the epoce the game sets in, I just find it weird that most of the factions have special units except french

They have arbeletrier and Royal knights

royal knights have all factions and I might be wrong in this but don’t french get worst knights than hre if all techs areapplied? and true about crossbows but I mean xinese got the crossbows too +3 more different units

French knigts has unique tech which improves knight health +95 if fully upgraded.And they has 2 more unique tech for knights.And dont forget quality>quantity

But doesn’t hre have the university extra health skill (which french don’t have)+ the special onefor the civ for barracks¿ French have the one to recover hp but some factiosn literally have it while fighting

Yeah at universty all faction have %20 extra health.But french has +%35 health at age III.And they also has cantled saddles tech which improve after charge damage+3 to +10

Oh I thought it was 30% all factiosn 35% for french okey yeah then they’re a bit stronger cav even tho I wouldn’t consider them a “special unit”

Royal knights are regenerating cavalry available in the feudal age they also deal more damage after a charge. unique tanky crossbowmen. and the cannon that can get more damage and a special anti personal shot active ability from the College of Artillery along with more damage culverins and ribauldiquins. their late game military power is not lacking.

I’m not saying it’s lacking in strength but I feel they are lacking in identity.

heavy cavalry and gunpowder backed by an economy that is easy to get going. with cheaper knight and ranged unit production around keeps. they seem to have a strong identity. they remind me a lot of the Burgundians from AoE 2

French is meant to be an easy civ to play thats why their unique units are closer to regular ones. Their special units are a lot stronger though.

Royal knight with all tech can heal, does more charge damage, and have more HP.

Arbaletrier have a LOT more of melee armor which makes them really hard to kill with spears and even horsemen . That tech that give +5 melee armor is so good. And Against archer they can use pavise, so Against them you really need mangonel it’s the only counter. They also attack faster with one of the tech.

French also have very good age 4 siege. they have Cannon, Culverin and Ribauldequin. It’s the only civ with all 3. Cannon have less setup time so can move faster and avoid getting sniped. And the age 4 landmark also give them more damage.

So They have all the best gunpowder siege in the game except the great bombard.

I’m not saying identity in terms of gameplay but more of lore. It was more of a “lore” point of view like chinese hre (not so much) but delhi with several elephant units etcetc like the knights of france are…knights but stronger no special cosmetic or difference per say