French Mastery - Fellowship (Issues)

French Mastery mission called Fellowship:

Win the match with a surviving army of 25 cavalry.

I have done it with high resources vs AI starting age 2. I had 25 cav, and bombards. population like 120 idk. But i pressed select all army, CTRL/SHIFT/+ and i selected it all to make sure i had no horseman lying around. Not working.

I had a scout, maybe. i dont remember.

Any tips? I cant complete it.

edit: ctrl/SHIFT/C i meant


I think i did it.

I just built 28 knights, no upgrades AT ALL. i went from dark to imp, on AI Easy, with age1start, high resource.

28 knights, send 2 into die. 26 knights total at the end. NO SCOUT, he must die?.
Then my 20 bombards won the game and i got the mission COMPLETE