French natives need a nerf

Everyone knows how strong are french native units. They are like age 4 /5 stats on age 2 units. And those cards don’t only benefit natives but also their vills and skirms. Sonit is really worth sending.

People might say french natives has been like that for years. But the game is different now. There used to be way fewer usable natives on a random map, mostly cav or skirm type units. In order to build an whole army french couldn’t rely on pure native units.

But now as aoe3 get more expansions, there are many more native units, like african, european ones, that cover all types of army. Also the addition of french royal musk card mean french can make musk that also benefit from those cards, and doesn’t have a build limit, and can protect the native skirms or cavs. French no longer need to make their own musks. So french player now usually goes for a whole army composition of pure native units, mostly doesn’t take up population, and all benefit from multiple insanely strong cards.

Opponent of french player is basically on a timer. If he can’t rush down french and let french send those cards then it is over. French units will beat their counters. But it is also not easy to rush down french because their vills are tanky and benefit from natjve cards. Killing houses also couldn’t stop french from making units.

The devs nerfed OP inca native rush before, now french is the new OP native civ. Pls nerf.

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agree with all this and his other 4 post calling sthing op. every civ should have exact identical units, exact identical civ bonus and exact identical cards for a perfectly balanced competition RTS. AOE3 dev should learn from sc2.


So you still play aoe3 !