French Pass strat and experience discussion

What are peoples experience on this map?

I find many players like to wall off deeeeep into what would be considered “MY” territory haha

Also from watching an old youtube vid of Viper it seems the wall with defensive springald built in was quite effective.

What do you typically see done on this map by players? Then also what do you find is your typical win con?

Obviously control of the middle of the map is powerful so I definitely see merit in walling aggressively. This map doesn’t seem like your typical duke it out match.

What are peoples thoughts?

Don’t use the French in French pass. They are statistically one of the worst picks for this map, ironically.

The middle is important, but you better be ready to hold it or you’ll get over run.

Walls negate French knights, so France is among the worst.

Walls secure the middle.

Personally, I wall on this map 100% of the time. How you play other than walling is debatable.

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Do you try to go for a wall near you or your opponent, or both?


I have found defensive walls (closing off your mountain pass) to be more effective, as offensive walls (closing your opponent’s mountain pass) is riskier if you are unable to put forward any pressure.

I found that french is not that terrible on french pass they probably only loose hard to hre because their insane landmarks. French cant really go for early aggression but they have solid options on this map, their late game is much better because of their knights dealing better with siege and also if you can get a red palace on the middle of the map and control the sacred sites that is pretty big.
I can see french being much more competitive there too once they fix the chamber of commerce as right now its bonus doesnt apply to gold.


Exactamente mi amigo, pero es difícil evitar apresurarse como francés cuando parece que funcionará, especialmente en los juegos de equipo.

I’m English. Walls are for cowards haha

Seriously though occasionally I wall.

I never aggressively wall off into another persons territory. Waste of resource gathering time and vital resources early. With a strong Feudal Age Ram Rush threat I feel safe without them for the early game. I look to wall later in game typically as English and also utilize your same thinking. When I expand out with a keep and aggression then I may wall off aggressively. So at most I wall near my base and then expand out past it later in game. This map has a lot of different strategic walling you can do. I actually think many people are walling poorly on this map.

Resource spawn can make for some awkward walling options however.

Scout Edge of your base in French Pass to make sure no sneaky enemy production…