French Republic as a Revolt Option?

With DE the critea of candidates for revolt have expanded greatly we even have European revolt options!

The French Revolution was one of the biggest moments in history and would make for an interesting revolt option (For the French of course, although you could make a case for other civs having it as an option)

Gameplay wise there could be some interesting options. Settlers could turn into Republican Guard, maybe Napoleon could be a call in card and acts as a buffing hero that improves artillery? Maybe Musketeers can become ‘Old Guard’ with beefed up stats? The Tricolour would be the flag of course which the current French civ does not use.

What do you think? If you wanted them how would you implement them? Alternatively what revolt options would you like to see? Try not to just list a bunch of names though and give some details about what they would entail and why it would suit them as it makes for better discussion!

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:

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the france we play in aoe 3 is already the republic

Hi Freya,

I think the timeframe of the start of the game which is the age of Europeans first discovering the New World its more representative of the Kingdom of France, the French republic comes later in a similar time to when the colonies began to get their independence.

The flag used is also the Kingdom of France and not the iconic Tricolor. However they do use Napoleon as the AI personality but I think that was because he was such a big character and well known they had to use him. (Personally I would have gone with Louis XIV he could have been hilarious!)

the sun king or something like that wouldve been more appropriate, but theres also a bunch of napoleonic troops and cards in the deck, that i feel like the faction resonates more with the republic rather than the kingdom, despite age 1 and 2 not fitting it

Hmm, well theres a couple of nods to Republican France but I still feel the civ is the Kingdom as that is the state that was primarily involved in colonising the new world.

Coureur des Bois were involved in the early stages of colonisation and their time had long gone by the Republic. Cuirassiers were a major part of the Napoleonic but they predate the Republic going back to the 15th century it looks like. Voitgeurs is a Napoleonic reference but its just a Royal Guard upgrade so it has no unique skin and doesnt resemble an actual Voitgeurs.

Their unique church upgrade is called Edict of Nantes which was signed in 1598 I think they could have chosen a better name for that if they wanted the civ to more closely resemble the Republic. The Church upgrades themselves are Republican references funnily enough but its just a villager buff and ‘Young Guards’ which are simply renamed Grenadiers.

Theres probably other references but nothing that big to me its mostly focused on the Kingdom with a few acknowledgements to the Republic.

The point I wanted to make is there is a lot of potential ground for a Republican France revolt civ that could offer interesting gameplay that hasnt been explored in other revolt civs and isnt touched on in the French civ like giving them an artillery focus or having another hero type character like Bolivar but hes more about boosting other units than combat.

or alternatively to a revolt, have the half of the imperial age upgrades turn into the republic flag and the other half into kingdom

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