French Revolt and recommended change

Let me preface this by saying that I f***ing LOVE the French Revolt. Massive potential and flexibility on top of the already very fun French civ.
That being said, there is an elephant in the room, which is sustainability.

French eco, famous for being among the best, drops to abysmal. A Revolt that’s intended to scale becomes extremely weak, to the point that you’re better off just spamming complimentary units alongside the new Sans-Quilotes and ending it, like with traditional revolts.

The revolt is designed around getting a bunch of xp bonuses to spam out shipments. Thing is, you need the upgrade cards like Cult of the Supreme Being and Cantinieres, and if you’re being pressured to keep up the swarm it’s hard to get those cards when you also need Napoleonic Era to get the good cards like the unit shipments and Imperial upgrades.

With these in mind, I have a controversial idea.

Give Sans-Quilotes the vil tag while making their base gather rate subpar. By letting them use vil upgrades properly they can keep up much better, have a proper eco that fits said long-term revolt, and makes them effective in Treaty too!

While it may be hard to balance while maintaining it as an option rather than a must, general idea would be France trading its amazing economy for an extremely powerful superlate game military, ensuring Age 5 and Revolt each have their spot.


Isnt Sans Culotte almost OP unit if they are built with all the HP bonus card that the French have? Slow to build but they got beefy AF, so bettwr leave that tag away.

They are decent at fighting, but not that amazing. Note that they don’t benefit from Vil cards because they lack the vil tag. As well, if you use them in combat your eco becomes even weaker, which doesn’t help your case exactly. :confused:

French Revolt is hella op.

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IIRC if they have the villager tag then we must also be careful with the bourbon tech that gives vils bonus against infantry, which they arent affected now

I watched the first video, and it legit was fun. That being said, several problems.

  1. The Spanish player misplayed on multiple occasions, especially as he left his artillery wide open for the CDB to obliterate. That gave the French player a very big advantage.
  2. Thanks to said misplays, both players were extremely weakened, and the French player even had a consistent 2-3k score lead by the time he was preparing to revolt.
  3. He went for a revolt to finish him off, and it doesn’t showcase the long-term usage of the French Revolt, which is the issue im referirng to in my thread.

Are there any replays/videos that involve the economic aspect of the French Revolt?

Good point. It can be balanced fairly straight-forwardly by nerfing Sans-Cuilotes anti-infantry by 0.5 to 1, as the Bourbon card is already extremely common for French Revolt due to the XP tech.

I highly support this change. It would make it viable to fight against people in imperial.