French Trader - Select resource?

I am working through the French Mastery and I am stuck at Clever Commerce. I have a trader route setup with a neutral trader site but all I get is gold. I need to select different resources to finnish this one…

What am I missing…many thanks

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Switch the resources with the trader. Not the market.

Yeash…so simple why I missed that?

Many thanks

Did you pass the French Mastery? I collected more than 2000 stones, but nothing happened. I played against the AI model. So shall I play with players? Thanks!

You need 2000 each for all 3…Food, Wood and Stone for a total of 6000

I started with one trader and kept an eye on how long the round trip and how much resource it was. It was just over 250 per trip so that is 8 runs. I then made 10 more and switched the resource after I knew more than 8 trips per resource were completed.

This has to be done in Age 2 so it’s a battle to defend yourself and not age up while all this is taking place.

I tried it again just now. I played with AI and collected just 2000 stones. It passed. Somebody says that you cannot save the game and load again. I failed yesterday may due to I saved it and loaded it again. For Clever Commerce, I think we don’t need 2000 for each. As it says: “Accrue 2000 Food, Wood, or Stone from Traders in the Feudal Age.”

That makes sense, it was kinda silly to wait in Age 2 for that amount of time to collect 2k from all 3