Frequency with multiplayer issues [poll]

I have seen a lot of people complaining about the multiplayer, and the replies usually revolve around other people not having these problems. The idea of this topic is to simply see the rate of people in the forum with networking/stability issues in multiplayer - be it ranked or unranked play. Yes, it’s worth nothing, as the bulk of players isn’t on the forums. Yes, it may be biased. And yes, it won’t change anything at the end.

The issues can be anything as: desync, unable to connect to game, heavy lag without reason, matchmaking stops working after some time in line, being dropped from lobbies without host input, unable to join or host lobbies, unable to see lobbies, or anything regarding multiplayer play.

Also, keep in mind that “player on your team had issues” and “player on enemy team had issues” also mean you had issues - after all, the tg is unplayable after an drop out on either team, as 2v3 or 2v1 isn’t fun or balanced.

What’s the frequency you ran into multiplayer issues?

  • Almost never had multiplayer issues
  • Rare multiplayer issues
  • Uncommon multiplayer issues
  • Common multiplayer issues
  • Very constant multiplayer issues

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I went for the common-uncommon-rare-epic-legendary approach, pls don’t judge me. Think of it as 1-5 on amount issues you had, 1 being almost never having, 5 being constantly having. AnD SoRrY fOr bAD enGRIsH.

I mean, why we don’t have an official poll like that yet? the devs could just send a simple google form in the middle of month with 5-10 questions, or just a pinned post on the forum with a poll. It would appease the unrest, if nothing else - and has zero extra cost.