Friend/For colors bug (since always btw)

Toggling FF colors doesn’t always have the effect in custom games.
To reproduce this,

  1. Host a custom team game with AI.
  2. Use advanced settings.
  3. Go in the game.
  4. Try to toggle the color. It won’t do anything.
  5. Restart the game.
  6. You will notice the color setting has been altered.

In fact, the color setting will be determined at the beginning of the game. If the FF colors was on, it will be on for the whole game, vice versa.
The FF color could have been a lot more useful. You can turn it on when you want to spot enemy raids in your base, and turn it off when you want to distinguish them. This causes some inconvienience when you don’t have the options to toggle this during a game.

Secondly, when you watch recordings. (I know this is less important than actually playing, but please gives some love to recording watching as well, it can be a great source of improvement and also make this game more enjoyable). It has the same issue with custom games. I believe in ranked team game it works, but in quick match team game, it doesn’t work. More specifically, you can toggle and change players color in-game, but the general display panel (current resources/military/ etc) won’t be updated in terms of colors. Meaning that if the recorded game starts with FF colors, the panel will stay that way and vice versa.
To reproduce this

  1. play a quick match team game without FF colors
  2. watch the recording.
  3. toggle FF color
  4. you will see players colors changed (blue/yellow/red) but the panel stays rainbow
  5. click restart
  6. you will see players colors and panels start with FF color
  7. toggle FF color again
  8. you will see player colors changed back to normal but again, the panel stays FF color

I hope devs can address this issue and make this game more enjoyable.