Friend list is a joke?

ive spent the last week in DE after not playing TAD for a few years.

what the hell is this friend list supposed to be? cant see if anyone is online and cant chat with them. or am i plain stupid and missing something?

what use is a friend list if you cant see if anyone is online, chat them up and create a game?

and inviting is fun aswell if you invite 30 potential offline users to a game.


Only use for friend list would be if it could unite both Steam and MS store users under same system but it doesn’t. Steam client already provides chat, invites and online status making in game friend list not needed anyway unless they would make it so steam friend list would function in game like in CSGO for example.

there used to be a proper one without steam or ms store.


The old eso friendlist was perfect and sooooo ahead of its time.

We absolutely need to :

  • see if people are online (green light)
  • see if people are offline (red light)
  • a Privat Message option

The way it was in legacy…


and the information of whether the player is in a game


This will also be great for AoE 2 DE.

You also didn’t need to add someone to friends and have them accept to whisper, you could rightclick a name in chat or in a lobby and send a whisper or you could just add someone to friends without needing to have them accept a friend request or anything to for example say you’re back or someone else in the lobby is back after the person you whispered left because someone was afk with the option of turning off whispers and invites from those who are not in your friends list.

legacy frined list was exactly the right amount to ‘‘socialize’’ and plan games together. now the friend list only works if i got the player in my list, chat him up in steam or whatever and invite him trough the list. and honestly thats simply not worth it if the whole server got like 30 hosted games, you can just scroll trough the list.