From Age of Empires 3 to Age of Empires 5

Age of Empires is a game that includes all kinds of old and new empires. Age of Empires 3 is my favorite generation, from colonial empires, traditional empires, and indigenous civilizations. Compared with 4, I prefer 3, so my expectations If so, I hope that the 5th generation will not go backwards like the 4th generation. I really hope that Age of Empires 5 can achieve the early 20th century and use the weapons of the First World War. After all, the First World War was also a battle between various empires, and relatively It is also possible to say Russian Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Republic of China, Empire of Japan, Empire of Germany, Empire of France, United States of America, British Empire, Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


Ok no problem.

I’m not sure I understand your graveyard, what you’re saying is that AOE3 should get a new age set in the first world war or that AOE 5 should be set in the first world war?

Because I feel that the gameplay of Age of Empires 3 is more suitable to be changed to World War I, heavy artillery, trenches, submarine battleships, etc. It can still be achieved, but Age of Empires 4 is only good for Empire 3, but it is still Age of Empires 3 in all aspects. More fun, gameplay, plot, fun are all good in Age of Empires 3

Its a poll among 85 people, of which saying only 20% want ww1 is a bit misleading as the question wasnt, “Do you want AoE V setting to be WW1”.

Also I personally always thought AoE IV, which now would be V as IV went medieval, would be about 1789-1920 having the Napoleonic wars, Industrial age, Modern Imperialism and The Great War, with Tanks and machine guns only being late game.

Ofcourse just having ww1 is not that demanded as just ww1 is 4 years, which is not AoE title compatible.

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