Frustrating Lag Problem

hi all! i don’t know if this is the right section for posting this, but i need a bit of help.

Since i re-joined the game few weeks ago, i’ve been having major lag problem on almost every game. the game just slows down a lot, then freeze, then return to normal after few time, but in the meantime i’ve lost 1 good minute in the process.

sometimes they happen more often in a short windows, making the game unplayable for a good chunk of minutes, then they disappear almost completely for the rest of the game

i’m able to play other much more heavy and modern games without problems, like total war warhammer 2 and the like, so i really don’t know what’s the problem here since it’s happening only with AOE 2

i’ve tried checking the cache on steam, i’ve tried re-installing the game, but nothing seem to work

PS: i have no mod at all

Can anyone help me on this? has anyone ever had the same issue or close? thanks in advance to everyone

Check the bug report section. There have been a lot of reports like this.

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