Fulani Archer not affected by Infantry Breastplate + Suggestion

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While choosing British as an Alliance with Hausa, the upgrade Infantry Breastplate (Arsenal) does not affect Fulani Archers.

Suggestion: Have the tech that unlock Heavy Canon (British Alliance) also unlock Advanced Arsenal techs. That tech is a bit lackluster and the Arsenal upgrades does not currently affect most units (Not a single Infantry unit of the Hausa are affected by Counter Infantry Riffles or Bayonet) + would only affect Late Game/Treaty anyway.

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Actually if you unlock Corsair Marksmen with the Morocco age up, the counter infantry rifling should be useful for them.

Technically, Maigadi are musketeers so they should benefit from Socket Bayonet. So these techs are useful.

Iโ€™m not sure if the Hausa should get the advanced arsenal though. Their raiders are already good at siege and so the Pillaging tech might make them too strong.

Their cannons shadow tech. So the artillery upgrades might also make them too strong at little cost. But maybe the balance team should decide.

Heey @VotelessClub77, thanks for your report about the Fulani Archers. Weโ€™re currently already tracking this issue :slight_smile:.

They are not affected by this.

Good catch on the Marksmen, though that unit does not shadow-upgrade, so it becomes useless by Imperial Age (the only age where you can get the Arsenal). Iโ€™d note that the Zouave also benefit from this, though it is not a good merc.

Africans already get a lot of free shadowtechs. Giving them more upgrades might be too strong.

Of course.

But keep in mind I was proposing that only for Hausa and behind a massive paying wall: Imperial age + 1500 influence tech + Advanced Arsenal costs ( in influence too)

corsair marksman do shadow tech they also have an upgrade at the watch tower aswell as sahelian kingdoms. I do agree on the aa or have it moved to age3
african civs need improved buildings and fulani is a better unit than corsair