Full home made patch documentation - How to make AOE4 the best!

I really understand the concern of decreasing player interaction, but you need to set a limit for this stuff.
Manually selecting 10 springalds during a fight with shift-queueing is stupid, if I want to kill all springalds I’m forced to do 10 mouse clicks, you have to be able to give this kind of commands easier, it’s more realistic.

Also it goes much further than that, players can bring a ram forward and basically ‘force’ all the archers to shoot it due to attack move bad algorithm that targets only the closest unit, the only way to avoid shooting the ram is to manually focus fire on single units one by one, which is very inefficient and will overkill units.

Again you want to keep strategy make things reasonable, I didn’t suggest making an ‘auto villager producing’ feature, I only said we need the villagers production queue to be visible all time, so we will not need to switch to it every second to check how many villagers are in queue (like you see many streamers do), it’s just looking bad they have to do this all the time.

Larping gone slightly too wild :slight_smile:

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If my English was decent enough it could be better, but the funny part was one of the readers that complained he believed that it’s a real patch and asked to change the title lol.

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