Fullscreen Frame Stutter

Need help, have the weirdest issue.

When game is in any other mode than windowed (100+ FPS) the game framerate stutters to 1-3 FPS in menu and game…but only when moving mouse and I got a high performance gaming rig.

Otherwise it’s ok. But I can’t play without moving the mouse and can’t play when I move xD

Anyone had sem issue? Don’t wanna play windowed, already troubleshooted all obvious FAQ and requirements met. This crap is more tedious. On my laptop it works fine.

My specs:
RTX 3070 Gigabyte
Ryzen 5600x
32 RAM

Appreciate the help, cheers !

Hey @HollowAsh708413!

Am I reading this correctly that while in windowed-mode it runs perfectly well? Are you seeing any issues at all there, or do all the performance hits happen in other viewing modes?

Would you be willing to contacting support here with your DxDiag file?

Much appreciated!

I just did and sent them my dxdiag, thx.
No, all modes run bad, windowed mode is little better in the menu, but in the game panning is impossible and stutter (less tho). Limiting frames to 60 removes the mouse stutter, but panning in game gives also unbearable stutter (15FPS).

Changing resolutions and quality has no effect on the mouse stutter, game panning stutter is separate thing. Funny thing is that on my less beefy laptop game runs fine at max. Hope you guys can help me running it, because it’s a nice game. I updates everything I could, even the BIOS, still same issues.

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The support is no help, they keep giving me a rundown of the FAQ section, game still is unplayable on my PC.

This looks like the panning performance issue that has been reported multiple times - Huge lag when panning camera

I’ve also noticed the same thing with this issue - it only happens on my RTX3060 laptop, but not on my 5-year old PC with 1080ti (maybe a 30-series drivers bug?) It could also be related to Resolution as the laptop is running at 1440p and the PC at 1080p. They’re both at Ultra but surprisingly I’m getting much smoother and consistent panning on the old PC. Framerate still drops there but no annoying stutter.

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Same concusion, I have reversed scenario a 1080p RtX2060 gaming laptop - no issue. PC with RTX 3070 and 1440p - uplayable, and notice that even im the menu when you move the mouse rapidly, framerate drops to 1FPS :smiley:

Apologies for support being unable to better your situation. Your config files will be a huge help though! We’re working on it!