Fully remappable Hotkeys not working in PUP for army selection

Dear Relic support,

Hotkeys for army selection are still not working for season 2, is not possible to assign hotkeys to differents types of units, it only works for monks and select all military units but is not possible to choose between all ranged units, all infantry melee units or all calvry nor siege units, etc.

All units have tags and as any other RTS game it should be possible to assign hotkeys for them instead of having to be doing control groups again and again to add units duing the whole game, is not fun.

I was told fully remappable hotkeys were going to happen in Season 2. Many players are waiting for this option since the game was release almost 1 year ago.

Please consider to add this option with the military unit tags.

Select all ranged calvry
Select all melee heavy calvry
Select all melee heavy infantry
Select all meele light infantry
Select all siege…


Thank you in advance

Thanks for the feedback @DarkPsicopata! I’ll make sure the team sees this. Much appreciated!