Fully upgraded Landsknecht has less health than fully upgraded prelate

I know the Landsknecht is considered balanced by most and lots of pro players utilize them effectively in N4C.

But I still find it kind of hilarious that a fully-upgraded landsknecht has less health (112) than a prelate (130) and the armor is the same.

Maybe increase the cost and health of the landsknecht and keep the cost-effectiveness at around the same level would make it more historically accurate?


You just said you think the pros find this unit balanced?? So why would the dev’s pick your opinion over theirs?

Actually increase both the cost and health of landsknecht would make it more friendly to play and play against for non-pro player with lower APM. At the current state, mass landsknecht could obliterate a huge army in seconds if the opponent isn’t paying attention, while they could also be killed in an instant by mangonels.

Increasing both the health means there will be less landsknecht on the battlefield but they’ll be harder to kill, so they’ll be easier to control but less capable of quickly killing a whole army in seconds.

With the current stat, there’s lots of tension when landsknechte are on the battle and it makes pro games exciting to watch, but increasing both the cost and health would make landsknecht play more accessible for non-pro players.

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It’s a niche knight on foot that I don’t mind not seeing in team games.

That’s the problem. In the dev stream for PUP, they said they want unique units to be exciting to use and players should always want to have a few in the army. That’s why they change the camel rider and camel archer to be more general-purpose.

Currently landsknecht isn’t unbalanced but is way too niche since it’s basically useless when the opponent has mangonels.

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It’s basically useless when you can choose between it and a clearly superior unit that runs around with a mace and counters elephants.

Lots of players went for mass landsknechte in HRE mirror in N4C since they basically counter any mass melee infantry. They’re far from useless, just way too niche.

N4C is not representative of the live gamestate, but besides that, In the world of games, Way too niche & Useless, are nearly synonyms.

Regardless, I like them where they are, not bothering my Delhiboys.

I think they are in a good spot, are useful if mixed with other melee units. Have you tried a ram push with landsknecht inside? It’s funny when you pop out from ram while vills are trying to torch down the ram :grin:

I think what HRE really needs is a second unique military unit. For example an unique cavalry unit.

Prelate it’s actually another unique unit, not military, but a strong eco one

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They already get good Cav. :upside_down_face: I don’t know what HRE actually needs. I almost never play them, but I face off against them enough to say they seem fun and mostly well rounded and I don’t often hear complaints about them like I do about others.