Fun bug

Game Version:

  • Build: replaceme
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10

See video for info.

Hello @CueYouWhy, thank you for taking the time to upload this video and send it to us. Could you provide us with some additional information?

Which map did this take place on?

What are the game settings? Game Speed, Starting Age, difficulty, cheats, etc.

Which Civs were used? (I see this is in the video.)

Can this bug be consistently reproduced, and if so, what steps did you take to reproduce it?

Can you provide a save game file from the game recorded in the video?

You never click on the building foundation that you are attacking, so it is difficult to discern who it belongs to, but it looks like it belongs to team green (Henry), is this correct?

And for future bug reports, please try to follow the format that is automatically given when you draft a new report. Please also try to briefly describe the bug in the title when you post; “fun bug” as the title doesn’t help us understand what the bug is. :+1:


I think that He refers to a bug that happens when the player (1) use spies (age V tech), it can see foundations but these ones cant be killed, keepping the army attacking to them.
Also the other player (2) can spam buildings (specially walls) to avoid that player 1 build cause there are player 2 foundations.

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Turns out we are already tracking the issue - Thank you for taking the time to report it to us. :+1:

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