Fun Zone 4

I’ve made my (hopefully) constructive feedback clearly heard in the forums during the course of the beta and stress test, but I figured it’s time to start a much more light-hearted and cheeky thread with 3 questions:

  • Which easter eggs should be implemented?

  • Which civ (ideally, one that is unlikely to actually be added) would you add and would what their unique unit be?

  • Which game mode would you like to see added and why would it be so fun?


And to respond to my own questions here:

Sheep should clearly explode after numerous clicks, letting Blizzard know that there’s a new RTS king on the block.

New Civ: The Klingons
Unique Unit: The Bat’leth Warrior, an armored infantry unit that deals damage to two units at once.

Since it’s all the hype right now anyway, a Battle Royal style game mode, where the map gets smaller every so often and players are forced closer and closer to each other. I can already see the “I’m walled out and waiting for the map to swallow me” tactic.

Easter Egg - An extremely rare chance for a sacred site to appear as the runestone thingies that were around the map on Aoe1

Civ - Something based on the Crusader states, either called The Crusader states, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Outremer etc, their unique unit would be a powerful mounted Crusader knight and they would have strong defences and trade, perhaps a bonus that makes relics give increased stats or something to their units.

Game Mode - A wave based co-op survival that is themed like defending a castle from a Mongol invasion or Jerusalem either as Crusaders or Muslims defending from the opposite etc

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