Fundamentals of Modding & Ongoing Projects

Hello everyone! Posted this on Reddit, but wanted to post it here as well for visibility — here’s a quick overview of modding in AoE4. Wanted to share this to spread the news for more people to get in on this + begin some projects soon to revamp some aspect of the game, starting with the icons.

Currently, this Discord is being used for AoE4 modders for collaboration as well: AoE4 Modding

If you’d like to volunteer to help out with some modding projects we’ll being soon, drop a comment on the video so I can reach out to you folks if any help is needed - or join the Discord so we can reach out to folks who want to help out there, that works as well.

Super excited to see what the geniuses in our community will come up with. In a few days, some great mods have already been published, which is insane. Happy modding!