Funny Unique Tech idea: Give Monks a Splash Radius

I have no idea how balanced this would be, but it would be 110% hilarious.

Reformation: Monks now convert all units in a 1 tile radius of target unit.

Monks have always been weak to multiple smaller units, now that’s the other way around!

I’m not sure what is your idea of ‘hillariousness’ but I’m pretty sure that the only world where this could be “fun” is if you were using this against an incompetent Ai. Now, do we really need more ways to abuse AIs?

As far as using it against non-AIs go this could result in ridiculous swings caused by a single conversion, would increase cost efficiency of monks way too much and is just an otherwise unnecessary change.

Monks are already viable enough. There’s absolutely no reason to change them in any way to make them more viable. The only thing that needs to change is how lots of players - especially the newer ones - approach monks.


I think you’re taking this a bit too seriously.

Although perfectly unbalanced for regular games, that would be an interesting mod idea :smiley:


I guess it’s in the same vein as the “trebuchets launch elephants that you get for free once they land” mod

“Let’s make it so a single monk can convert half of the enemy’s army with one conversion”


(still not a bad idea for a mod)