Future AOE

do you ykink the net AOE could be set in the future we know from AOE 3 that guns can work in AOE and we know that tanks can work thanks to the BIG DADDY cheat in AOE 1 (ok it was a car with rocket luncher but simler)

sincerely? I just hope that AoE is not set in the future !!! AoE 3 is not a demonstration that AoE can have tanks and future technology.

I think it’ll be the 20th century

If AOE IV was set in the future, they’d skip two centuries!!! That can’t be 'cause they can just skip the 20th century.

Not possible. You can’t just skip the 20th century. If anything the 20th century is as futuristic as AoE IV is ever going to get this game.

The upcoming AOE game must be set either at Ancient / Medieval ages or right after AOE III / Revolution / Napoleonic Era.

Well, I really enjoy Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds myself, and that’s pretty literally aoe2 in the future. As in: look up footage, if you don’t think “he, that’s aoe2” when you see it I hereby officially owe you a lol-vote. (The developers bought the rights to use the aoe2 engine, I don’t think Microsoft/Ensemble had expected it to come out quite so similar.) It’s not quite as well polished as actual aoe games, but the addition of air units, anti-air units, shields, invisible stealth units and a large variety in unit and environment styles open the game up to some pretty cool shenanigans. And as I said, it’s still very clearly an age of empires game. Same four resource system, same four ages system, same phases of game play, even the same kind of nonsensical cheat units and everything, just comparatively a bit heavy on the ranged attacks. And the nice thing about the future is that you can create any version of it you like. Mad Max is just as much the future as The Matrix or Star Trek is.

That said: I would probably be less hyped by an announcement that aoe4 would be set in the future than by an announcement placing it in any historical period, because I absolutely enjoy the historical settings of the games and all the rich history it takes us through. But it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing from a game play perspective. If anything it gives more freedom to create the perfect unit options for the mechanics you have rather than needing to make the thing into a representation of a real period and/or place as well.