Future Expectations for Age of Empires 2

About the New DLC

Age of Empires2 New DLC

Since the Indian Dynasty, some civilizations can imitate the Indian DLC and add branch civilizations, with several frequently mentioned by players,like Italy, Slavic, Saracens, Germany, and China. But whether it’s changing old civilizations or adding new ones, I think it’s best to limit the number of civilizations in Age of Empires2 to 50. Because I am not familiar with the civilizations of Europe and other regions, I will only discuss DLC in China here.

The China DLC
Grassland Empire

new civilization
1.Jurchens(Jin Dynasty)
Cavalry civilization

Featured Units
Iron Butcher(Jurchen Heavy Armored Cavalry,Can switch between melee and ranged attacks)

2.Khitans(Liao Dynasty)
Cavalry civilization

Featured Units
Iron Harrier(Khitan Heavy Armored Cavalry,A type of knight with fast movement speed)

Chinese do not need to change name or Remake, Because China and the new civilization was coexisted. Some players mentioned Tibetans and Uighurs, but first, I think it is better not to name the new civilization with the names of China’s current ethnic minorities. Second, in history, Khitan and Jurchens have more pressure on the Central Plains dynasties. If China DLC can be achieved, I hope to redo the Chinese castle model.

About the Age of Empires1
Now that Age of Empires1 has joined Age of Empires2, I am very grateful to the production team. Although there have been many negative reviews, this is indeed the DLC with the largest workload in Age of Empires2. We should all support the production team and also support the Age of Empiress series. So since Age of Empires1 has joined the Age of Empires2, Age of Empires1 can also make more interesting updates. Firstly, there are still new civilizations that can join Age of Empires1, such as the Scythians,Gaul,Germanic. The number of civilizations in Age of Empires1 can be controlled at around 20. Age of Empires1 may not be the most popular the Age of Empires game, but it doesn’t mean Age of Empires1 won’t become more interesting. Anyway, there may not be a new classical civilization RTS in the future.

New game content and modes

1.Unique Unit Model
Age of Empires3 will update the unique units models of European civilization in July, which is also my biggest wish for Age of Empires2. I believe it is also what many players want to see. I hope that in Age of Empires2, unique units models will be added for each region’s civilization, while allowing universal Military Unit in different regions to obtain a unique set of features, making the differences between different civilizations greater, This may have a significant impact on the gameplay of Age of Empires2, but a more unique game gameplay will also give many Low heat civilizations the opportunity to perform. Like Age of Empires2, I hope that Age of Empires1 can also create unique models of civilization units in different regions, and it does not necessarily need to be done at every stage. For example, it can have unique models after upgrading to the third stage, or obtain unique models when upgrading to the final stage.

2.New Game Mode
I know that creating a unique model will be a huge workload, so the production team can use a paid model to create a skin pack DLC, and this skin pack will also be presented with a new game mode, “Heir to the Empire” mode, a roguelike mode. In this mode, the game will start from the Stone Age, and can eventually be upgraded to the imperial era. All civilizations in Age of Empires 1 and Age of Empires 2 will be allocated to different times as an option for era upgrading. Each era only includes the civilizations that should exist in that era (of course, some civilizations are cross era, and they can appear in different times), The civilizations of each era in the game will be randomly assigned to the era upgrade options (some civilizations will have fixed civilizations as the era upgrade options). By selecting different civilizations to enter the next era, it is similar to the revolutions of European countries in Age of Empires 3. When upgrading to the next era’s civilization, the characteristics of the previous era’s civilization can be preserved, so that each round game will experience the effects of different combinations of civilizations.

Suggestions on gameplay

1.In Age of Empires2, when the game enters its later stages, it is often faced with a lack of gold, especially in 1V1 games. I believe that a method should be added for all civilizations to obtain unlimited gold in the later stages, rather than relying solely on holy objects to generate gold. This way, more battles of gold units can be seen in the later stages, rather than the entire map being filled with skirmisher. So when we reach the fourth era, we can consider adding “taxation” technology in town center, which can generate a certain amount of gold per minute for each house,but the Huns did not need houses,so can consider transferring the ability of keshik to Tarkan.(Can reference the game War selection)

2.In the Age of Empires, each civilization had a unique language system, which is also the charm of this game. However, not every player can understand the meaning of each language. I hope that in future updates, the official will add a Subtitle bar to the unit interface of every units, so that players can know what they are saying. I am really interested in the languages of other civilizations. This feature should be implemented in both Age of Empires3 and Age of Empires4.

The above are my expectations for Age of Empires2 and Age of Empires1, and I personally believe that these two games need to reach this level to truly be complete.

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what makes this different than the ratha, other than the “heavy” and how would its armor classes work.

Yes, I am more optimistic about AoE 1 than with AoE 2, that it should have few dlcs left…

It may be, but they would have to rework dark age…

You still have the aoe wikia to find out what the units say, but it wouldn’t be bad if it was an option using some translation AI xd…

Perfect opportunity to add a more appropriate Chinese architecture set. Without a new set, it would a bit bloat the Far Eastern set we already have.

Tibet and its people are not chinese during the middle ages.

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That’s right,but as Chinese players, our concern is whether the game can pass the review.

What is this AOE3 updating the unique models of European civs in July? I have not heard of such a thing.

It is a reskin of generic units of the European civs to make them more unique among themselves…for example the British have British clothes, the Russians have Russian clothes, the Portuguese have Portuguese, the Spanish have Spanish, the Italians have Italian, the Maltese have Maltese and so on…





















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Who’s doing this project?

The developers. These are official reskins for all European civs to make them less “sameish”.

OIC, Any links to the latest update adding this?

Idk what OIC means, but I guess the PUP for AoEIII includes all of that. You can look for it to install it yourself, or you can search for recent AoEIII videos that showcase the new models. In any case, when this patch is officially released the patch notes will mention the changes anyway.