Future of Age of Empires Definitive Edition

Will there be updates in the future or is the support for this game over?

No idea. At the bare minimum I would like Forgotten Empires to change the user interface back to the way it was before the new client launched. The fact Tantalus “fixed” the user interface which wasn’t broke, ignored player feedback on it and it is still that way months later frustrates me.

Feedback topics on these forums:

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Tantalus isn’t on Age 3 DE ? It’s not Forgotten anymore on Age 1 DE ?

Tantalus was added to Age of Empires: Definitive Edition development for the crossplay client. I have no idea if anyone is working on the game now.

Yes, Tantalus is working on Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.

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Using other companies instead of original creator is best way to begin to destroy things.

Don’t know how it was made exactly, but this is a clue for explaining new problems.


There is no future for AoE DE. MS doesn’t care, FE barely cares. There are still so many things that need to be added or fixed for DE to truly shine, one prime example being the lack of bitmaps in custom scenarios, or even more absurd and funny and sad: the title graphic at the main menu still isn’t centered in relation to the menu buttons. Cheat unit graphics that are still not updated… missing LAN… I could go on and on. And looking at all these bug reports in here, and seeing (surprise!) ZERO, ABSOLUTELY ZERO RESPONSE FROM THE DEVELOPERS OR MICROSOFT, there is no future. They DO NOT LISTEN TO FEEDBACK FROM US AT ALL. All resources are moved to AoE2 DE, support and further development quickly ends afterwards, just like AoE DE, AoM extended edition. For AoE3 DE? Rinse and repeat. I feel sad for a few FE developers who actually do put great effort in this only to see it crumble due to mainly bureaucratic fools making idiot decisions at MS headquarters. But in FE there are people too who simply don’t care - quality or high standards for maintaining and polishing a product is nowhere to be found.

It has become an industry norm to release unfinished products with minimal to no support with great disregard to the user/player base, alienating them from the franchise(s).

There is only one way to counter this ridiculousness and that is to stop supporting and not buying any upcoming products. The more people realize this the better. Don’t fall for their bull5h1t even if it may look or sound so appealing to you. I will never buy any upcoming Age title again unless all this is acknowledged and actually dealt with properly, but that will never again happen, unfortunately.

Back to playing the original ES quality games, I guess.


The text on main menu is alligned, actually. But yeah i don’t disagree so much with you, i don’t think the scenario editor is so much of a problem, im thinking more the horrible Multiplayer system, the lag problems in late game 4v4 games, server dropping mid game, the lobby browser needing multiple refreshes before all lobbies show, and that the community is still split between two platforms.


The font changes they made in the crossplay version mess up text as simple as “Custom Campaigns” in the UI, which now doesn’t fit in its column. A shame they are just dropping the ball and moving on from this one. And with SO many issues with AoK:DE, they didn’t even take their own advice from AoE:DE with the delay it had.

This is just not what age of empires deserved. I bet Microsoft/FE doesn’t even read the posts in this thread any more. I hope that they at least fix the major bugs in AoE II: DE, but chances are good that it will be abandoned just like AoE: DE.


Ensemble Studios does not exist anymore though

i hope they will, the games runs horrible on my pc, i tried everything but I still get 7-36 FPS with an GTX 1080 :frowning:


Same for me with a GTX 1070.

@CheeseOnToast @Licidy Can you or any other FE developer at least confirm that support has ended? There never was an official statement.

original creator => Ensemble Studios does not exist anymore though

I was talking about AoE DE so technically it was FE. Ensemble being original creator of 1997 AoE.

Can you or any other FE developer at least confirm that support has ended? There never was an official statement.

I think you won’t have because it’s not a good advertisement and… we should never say never, they may do some tiny patch once a year or something, answering to some support tickets… so it’s still ‘alive’ if we can call this ‘alive’.


Either that or eventually the community will get DE to work with voobly and then the community will start fixing its flaws by itself, and that both for AoE1 and AoE2

  1. Need to fix fps issue ( how come it was not a problem in old cliente/build? It started after cross plataform build)

  2. Need to improve lobby and rating system ( make it 1x1 and team ladder only plus let us select if the game is rated or not in game host setting-just like the old client)


When point 1 is fixed, they should kill of the old client so the community is no longer split.


They have the correct 1v1 and only team ladder only in aoe2 de. I wonder why they did so many ladders in aoe1 de. Maybe experimenting much :smiley: …Pretty sad the way aoe1 de has been treated so far. Just because it has loyal followers, they miss-use a legendary game like this. No news of any future updates of aoe1. Shame to MS.