Future of Native Americans

Neat. Again, the language and culture makes a distinction between dance and ceremony that English apparently can’t accommodate.


I don’t think that’s a good idea that would ruin team games unless you ban Lakota from sending resources.
Costing 20% more food but collecting food 30% faster while also moving faster then all other villagers seems to be a good deal.
They would also be the strongest villagers but they would have a 0.25-0.5x modifier against other villagers to prevent them from being used for raiding which would be in line with other mounted archers.

Stupid question again but could that also imply that they could use Wozu to mine coin?

I have a few thoughts about the 3rd resource Fur.

  1. It’s basically the same as Influence so why don’t we just call it that. Just give it a Fur icon and Fur crates instead of seashells.
  2. How do we differentiate it from Coin? Where do Lakota get Coin from and where Fur?
  3. Hunt giving 3 resources (Food, Coin and Fur) seems to be a little too much.

What if Lakota have 2 villagers:
Khuwa that are mounted and hunt faster but are not able to mine or collect from farms.
Wozu that are on foot (speak Dakota) but are able to mine and have a bonus for collecting from farms.

The Wozu would cost Fur like all none Lakota units (Mercenaries and Minor Civilisation units).

New feature for Germany:
Villagers drink beer together to increase the attack damage of all German Infantry units.

Guys, how about calm down?


Choose different kinds of beer for different bonuses.


I mean pubs are already in the game, might aswell make them interesting

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They should be as strong as villagers since day 1, not stronger which is an aztec/inca bonus. Lakota and Haudenosaunee can get 2 of the highest scores at treaty, being Hauds an OP civ. If hauds arent that played is because people dont like to cowboom

People who dont know how these civs work complaining. Having such an investment has to be rewarded and these units werent unstoppable, people just needed to use proper counters. Now they can use any to counter them

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It is one of the reasons, but not the only one, you just have to go to this page to check.


I am not only concerned about the competitiveness of a game, although I think that in AoE3 it is the only thing that is missing to finish shining and retain players, but that is a topic that has already been discussed.

Cosmetic changes, some new cards and some reworked names? Yes. Change in its basic mechanics for historical accuracy? As long as it gets more people to play it, yes. If they don’t achieve the goal of the civ being played, no.

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Boi, read!
Not everything is cancel culture.
Everything will be fine.
Half of your fears will go away, if you read what people are actualy writing to you


Not stupid at all, but yes. It 100% means they could use the Wozu to mine, as the Dakota did mine. Mostly pipestone.

Tbh you’re not wrong. It is basically just Influence. Good call.

Lakota get Coin from hunting, but you’re right, that means the Lakota specifically would be getting 3 resources while hunting - food, coin, and Influence. This is definitely a balance issue. My initial thought is that it might be prudent to allow a Buffalo Pounds to be built on Mines, and that when they are, they produce gold-filled bison instead of food-filled bison. That is one possible solution, albeit a weird one.
Additionally, maybe Influence only gathers in range of a Tradehouse? I’m not sure, there’s definitely some work that needs to go into this, though I think it is a solid direction to go.

Start with Khuwa, can card in Wozu as Merc/Native Villagers, trainable from the Three Sisters Garden from Age 3 onward. Push them to be a mid-late game unit to ensure they aren’t taking up room in the early game card slots.
Alternatively, they could be the unit that the “Theatres/Saloons/Improved Monastery” card equivalent gives - that the Lakota and Hauds both get a Merc villager as opposed to a mercenary soldier when they send the card.

The Lakota language makes a distinction that English can’t match. Lakota has a lot of concepts that English has no real way to translate properly, such as Akicita or Winkte.


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Making them an archer replacement would make way more sense than being a villager replacement. You wouldn’t have to worry about balancing it in age 1, and it could be a relatively slow base rate like Klamath Riflemen (20% of a normal villager) so it isn’t OP. To prevent sniping out herds on the enemy side of the map, they could be limited to only hunting within the vicinity of a Tipi. They’d only need to fill the light infantry role until getting a rifle unit in age 3 so they could also be made fairly weak with high multipliers so that they fill the role but are very vulnerable to anything they don’t counter. Making them cost entirely food like Aenna would also make sense.

As for the name, something more generic like “Plains Hunter” could let them be available to other potential civs like Comanche or Cree. Since they’d be kinda stealing the cheap archer that costs purely food role from Aennas, the Hauds could also get a new archer replacement such as an Aquientor Archer.

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The point is that it does both. The Divine Edition mod does this - your Khuwa are the only human archers available to you until Heroic Age, and they’re also your only (human) villagers.

The Lakota, in all my designs, inherently lack any defensive structures or buildings. Making their villagers better fighters and more durable is a necessity to allow them to roam the map for huntables, or in the case of Divine Edition, to migrate to a new Settlement without the fear of being overwhelmed while you do so.

Using Khuwa to replace the archaic archer is more flavor than anything, but I find it to be a necessary balance one - If they retain an archaic archer, that gives them a cheap unit to spam out. Again, with how quickly the Lakota hunt, that gives them way too much room to manoeuvre in the early game. If the Khuwa is your archaic archer, you can’t sacrifice too many of them to go fight, and the civ is forced to pivot to defense early on, or sacrifice an economy to effectively raid and fight.

I find the early pivot to defense to be a good direction for the civ, at it helps encourage players to boom and build up for a massive, overwhelming cavalry force in the later game. The Lakota, in both the Divine Edition and in AoE3, should be The Cavalry civ. No other culture in either game competes with the level of reliance of horse that the Lakota have - for good and for bad, as the Lakota in AoM are notoriously awful at sieging and have an over-reliance on Myth Units to do that for them.

(ADD: Well, the Lakota in AoM can also outright steal siege units from other cultures when they convert villagers from other cultures, so there’s that.)