Future of the game?

With AOE4 finally finishing the game basics and starting to make real new contents and FE crew shifting to it, how would the future updates of AOE3 be planned? I hope we could have some kind of a roadmap.

Forgive me for the anxiety. When Creative Assembly abruptly announced “we have finished all our work with Total War Three Kingdoms and are moving on” in the middle of a planned update timeline, it gave me trauma.
For AOE3 at least there are still several old civs waiting to receive modern updates and maybe 2-3 highly requested civs.


It hasn’t even come close to this yet. I think your worries are premature.


But it has started to produce real new contents and FE is hiring people for AOE4. The latter means focus is shifted towards 4 and may indicate some current crews may be shifted to 4 as well.

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Doesnt FE have different crews for AOE 2 and 3? If they are hiring people to AOE 4 development this probably means they are not taking people away from the other games, or at least not that many, I think


Man, I still have trauma when the game was abandoned soon after TAD came out. I hope we can at least get a few more years of support and DLC, though I don’t know how realistic that is.


In my opinion, rework to all civilizations, more updates, maybe some new civilizations, many new events, maps, balance, cards and more customization for the game. :smile:


I wish we could trade FE for Relic.


I won’t take anything for granted. Sure, more patches will come, but probably just bug fixes and small balances.

My wishlist would be a rework for every civ and explorer skins for all, plus Persia.

But seeing some things like reussing the Warthog skin for the Wild Boar or other American/Asian animals for European ones makes me think that a non-European civ DLC is very unlikely.

Don’t worry, they will continue to release content at least until 2025…

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Yes and no…FE were modders from AoE 2 then you have the Napoleonic Era team from AoE 3 that joined FE and each one works on both AoE 2 and AoE 3…

They did not abandon it, but it had already fulfilled its support period, as it had happened with the previous AoE… Between 1997 and 2013, Ensemble Studios first and then Robot Entertainment never stopped working on the saga; the only years that did not get something related to the saga were 2001 (to release SWGB);2004 for developing AoE 3 and then 2009 for developing Halo Wars… then Robot Entertainment was developing AoEO between 2010 and 2013…


The game needs a more specific roadmap not just some “special event” on what’s on the horizon. There are still lots of civs and maybe some singleplayer content to be added for this underrated masterpiece.

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Of course, i think they still update age 1 de, don^t worry the game has 2 or 3 years left for sure!


Yest, at least until the 20th anniversary.

Why on earth?

FE are kings of civ design. Relic, on the other hand, made meh civs in AoE4.


That’s the true worrisome part for me.
As intuitive as it seems, there is no guarantee that the reworks and updates will continue just because they did it to some of the civs.

Just like in TW3K. The game gives you a timeline from late Han to early Jin and released scenarios that gradually fill up the timeline. Everyone looking at that would think “they should release at least 2 or 3 more packs to complete that timeline”.
But nope they did not say it and they abruptly abandoned it without any omen.

I understand that’s how business works but it is still a loss for the players.

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If I remember correctly MS was basically cutting its entire PC gaming business at that time.
Now they are trying to tie it with xbox which is booming. So maybe the situation is better than before.

That’s why better communication with the devs responsible for AoE 3 DE is a must. I guess a survey will help if they want to continue providing what the players want. Definitely more civs and more sp content are given but there can be OoL like the old lobby for matchmaking and main menu rework in a roadmap defined by them.

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Relic made Company of Heroes. FE made the “El Dorado” campaign for AOE2 and the Chinese civ for Age of Mythology.


FE also made the Napoleonic era mod and all the new civs for AoE3 and AoE2.

Haven’t played CoH but I don’t imagine that game is anything like AoE. Relic should keep away from AoE or do it properly. Just because you do a WW2 game properly doesn’t mean you are good at making all kinds of RTS.