Future plans for server features?

What plans are there to enhance the features for the server experience? Zach had some good ideas for improving ranked, as did Viper and Mbl (3 maps offered and players each veto 1 to decide map that is played). Currently while you can see who is the top 100 in the leader board, you can not click on them to go to a profile. Why not have the ability to look at a player’s profile, and the ability to search for a player’s profile? Why not also have access to their recs via the profile? Searches in the spectating section also on seem to search based off the name of the game, so you can’t search for a specific player’s game other than looking at the individual games to see who is playing. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that the spectating section doesn’t appear to show you all of the games that are currently being played. So not only will you waste time clicking through each game trying to find the one you wanted to watch, you will quite likely make it to the end of the list not having found the game, though you can see it going live on twitch in another tab.