Future Rework of Old Civs

After a few more civs get added, I would like to see some of the older ones receive reworks. The Malians and Ottomans each have 5 unique units making some of the originals seem boring. Here are my thoughts on a couple civs please share any ideas you have:

Abbasid: There is only one landmark and two camel based unique units. So a non-camel unique unit and some buildings are needed. I would remove the phalanx upgrade and give the Abbasid’s Phalanx Spearman instead of normal Spearman by default. Additionally, starting in Feudal Age, give them a second type of spearman that is equipped with an axe (or sword) and shield that has +1 melee armor compared to other spearmen and uses the spear against cavalry and the axe/sword against other units with the axe/sword having +1 attack compared to the spear. Basically, they would get a double range Phalanx Spearman to replace it’s normal spearman and an additional Heavy Spearman. You would try to micro so that the front line of your army is Heavy Spearmen and the back line is Phalanx Spearmen. In addition to this, they need some unique buildings to make up for their lack of landmarks. Maybe even give them some notable buildings that function like landmarks but are cheaper and do not cause an age up. Note, by what people have said on this form, I think the Abbasid army was based heavily on spears and almost never used camels in combat.

Inspiration of Heavy Spearman.

Holy Roman Empire: The Prelate and landmarks are fine, but the military composition is lacking. Historically, Landsknechts where mercenaries, not regimented soldiers. Also, they had pikes, guns and great swords. I would add a mercenary building in Castle Age to train pike and sword Landsknechts and change the Burgrave Palace to only make Landsknecht mercenaries. This would give you the option to train a traditional army or a mercenary one. To prevent mixing the two, any regular soldier who is within 10 tiles of a Landsknect or any Landsknecht who is within 10 tiles of a regular soldier would receive a temporary morale nerf (10% or so) effecting their attack and armor. in Imperial Age, the mercenary camps can make Landsknecht handcannoneers so the fans of Pike and Shot warfare can be happy. To make up for the loss of sword Landsknechts for anyone who tries to make a traditional army, a unique unit, a knight from the Teutonic Order, would be added. It would be a high armor and attack infantry unit. This gives players the option in Castle Age to continue their current army or transfer to a Landsknecht army. There may need to be a light cavalry Landsknecht to counter archers.

Landsknechts images

Mongols: They are already very unique and dynamic but maybe they could get an extra cavalry unit. Possibly a medium cavalry unit like the Steppe Lancer of AOE 2 maybe even available in the Feudal Age. Or a unit between the Light Calvary and Scout for cheap raiding. Also, someone on YouTube, I think Beastyqt, had an idea where the Ger would get an extra 5% drop off after 1000 resources have been dropped off to encourage people to move the old Ger instead of building a new one. Side note, I don’t think the Mongols should be able to make towers in Dark Age as they already have the best Dark Age military and are responsible for most tower rushes.

French: The School of Cavalry/Royal Knight rush is annoying, if they could change something to move France’s identity elsewhere and keep people from being knight rushed in Feudal Age, that would be nice. I get they are a knight based civ, but maybe that starts in mid Feudal Age or Castle Age.

Delhi Sultanate: I don’t know, they already have the most unique upgrade system and elephants, and no one wants to play them. Maybe add a unique cavalry unit. I think the best way to hype the Delhi, is to add a native Indian civ and hype them up and have Delhi appear in the campaign. Maybe give the new civ a low hitpoint armor-less elephant in Feudal Age.

I am personally satisfied with the Chinese and Rus. And I don’t have any thoughts on the English.

Sources of images:

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With speculation that Forgotten Empires is taking over more of the development of AOE4, reworks good be a possibility given that they’ve done reworks to certain AOE3 civs. That being said, balance is quite good right now, so it might be risky to rock the boat too much.

Risk is what this game is lacking… balance can come later


What I wanna say is that weapons of different civs’ units are still in disordered.

For example, Muslim knights are still using European style lances.
And all spearmen from each civ are using European style guisarmes.
European-style crossbows were also used in the East.

Although there are now modules working on fixing these problems, but it has not noticed by production team.

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Balance and adjustments for old civs are fine and necessary, but I would personally prefer that they direct their efforts to designing and introducing new civs and cultures rather then the ones already in the game.

When we’ll have a good number of DLC civs, then we can think of working on the old ones too.