Future scenarios/campaign for AoE II DE

Hello everyone,
I have a few ideas for future scenarios that could be played through the Workshop. I like the historical part of the game so I try to be as accurate as possible with the maps and all but it has to be fun too so I’m not too strict neither. One of my ideas was a series of scenarios centered around the end of the roman world and the beginning of the commonly accepted timeline of the game (ca. 450 AD to 1600 AD). In all, I have ideas for both West and East (Byzantines) Rome.

For the Western Roman Empire:

  • (Battle of the Catalaunian Plains): the two first could revisite the scenarios in the Attila and Alaric campaigns but I don’t know if it is necessary, the scenarios are well made even though not perfectly accurate
  • (Sack of Rome)
  • Early Franks Warfare: the story of Clovis (first king of the Franks converted to christianity) with the battle of Soissons or the conquest of modern-day Aquitaine from the Visigoths
  • The Vandals in North Africa

For the Eastern part:

  • Belisarius campaign (!!): one of the most famous general in the late Empire under the command of the “last Roman”, emperor Justinian. Conquer back North Africa from the Vandals, attack the Western Mediterranean islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, enter Rome and defeat the Visigoths in the Italian Peninsula. I think there’s a lot to do here.
  • War with the Seljuks: a more complete history of the already present “Manzikert” scenario with maybe the early history of the Seljuks in Central Asia and the following wars with the Mongols
  • An Ottoman campaign: that could finish at the fall of Constantinople (therefore preserving the theme) or that could go on until the very limits of the timeframe (ca. 1600 AD) and the early wars with European powers (as well as in the Middle East and North Africa)

I’ve spent a lot of time in the editor but I never published anything before so if you have advices or ideas just tell me!

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I think about making a campaign about Belisarius too.
The game Total War Attila provided it a few years ago, so there is a good material to get inspiration. Here is how I would see it in AoE2:
1- battle of Dara
2- Nika riots (tricky to do as an AoE2 scenario)
3- battle of Ad Decimum
4- battle of Tricamarum (optional)
5- siege of Naples
6- siege of Rome
7- conquest of Ravenna

I guess you could develop a bit more the conquest of Italy, or add Belisarius’s second campaign against Persia, or his last battle in the Balkans against the Bulgars.

I like the idea of providing the player some unique units from other civs to show that the Byzantine army hired mercenaries.
I think that for some scenarios there should be a neutral AI for the occupied cities. For example Berbers in Carthage, Italians in Rome. You can prevent them from being part of the conflict by forbidding them to have military units in the editor.

What do you think?

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