Gaia Market?

How would you feel about a gaia market? That is only present on new RMS files. Unless you make a copy and change the game, and edit the map file yourself. Basically, there are a few markets owned by gaia on the map which are indestructible. In a 1v1 setting, it near impossible to trade since you are fighting the guy you are trading with.

With a gaia market, a normally gold heavy civ are much stronger. Take someone like the Persians for example, they may have much easier time massing knights, and even War Elephants with a steady, infinite supply of gold long before the gold mines run out.

Turks are considered weak due to gold heavy units, and near zero trash unit upgrades. With a gaia market, they will become much stronger.

On these maps, normally weak civs, can become much stronger due to the gold income.


Instead of a gaia market why not just increase the gold at your base. It just seams like a place i would need to keep scouts to keep you from trading.

Hah, sounds like a fun idea to at least experiment with.


I can agree with that. I just think it would be to easy to lame.

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Sounds like AoE3 trade posts… and I like it. I would like random maps could have more strategic points, plus more wild life spreaded


1v1 games almost always end before gold runs out so I think this idea isn’t really all that useful except as a "different " map.

Good argument. As always

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I think itd be a fun option, and honestly it not changing that much is a benifit to the idea. We dont want to totally wreck the core game mechanics.

I would also support a 250 gold per 100 resource cap at the market.

Maybe could be an alternative when the enemy denies your gold…

If thr enemy can deny your gold they should have no issues camping a few scouts out by the neutral market to wreck your very expensive trade units

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I love this idea. Imagine Four Markets as a sister version of Four Lakes :thinking:


Could you kindly let us know which map has Gaia markets?

None do. But assuming this is a new thing. I would not want it on standard maps. There could even be click button for the market to be allowed or something.

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No gold piles :stuck_out_tongue: only the 4 markets :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interesting! Maybe 3 tiles of gold for each player, so that scout civs won’t have dominating advantages. Anyway everyone will pick Spanish I guess :smiley:

If you control gold whats stopping you from making a few more to kill carts. They are not fast.

This could be very nice additional game mode, like King of the Hill. Or feature on some maps.

One of the reasons team game is hard to balance is because of infinite gold (Albeit slow) through trade. I wonder how the balance would go if trading with neutral market is an option.

That Gaia market would’ve been fun for some scenario-based maps though.

You both can just build your markets far away from the battle, like in the edge of the map, so trade won’t be disturbed. It takes sportmanship to make that kind of agreement with your opponent.

This is too much. The game will never end if trade is not harassed.