Gaia Market?

I love this idea. Imagine Four Markets as a sister version of Four Lakes :thinking:


Could you kindly let us know which map has Gaia markets?

None do. But assuming this is a new thing. I would not want it on standard maps. There could even be click button for the market to be allowed or something.

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No gold piles :stuck_out_tongue: only the 4 markets :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interesting! Maybe 3 tiles of gold for each player, so that scout civs won’t have dominating advantages. Anyway everyone will pick Spanish I guess :smiley:

If you control gold whats stopping you from making a few more to kill carts. They are not fast.

This could be very nice additional game mode, like King of the Hill. Or feature on some maps.

One of the reasons team game is hard to balance is because of infinite gold (Albeit slow) through trade. I wonder how the balance would go if trading with neutral market is an option.

That Gaia market would’ve been fun for some scenario-based maps though.

You both can just build your markets far away from the battle, like in the edge of the map, so trade won’t be disturbed. It takes sportmanship to make that kind of agreement with your opponent.

This is too much. The game will never end if trade is not harassed.

You can make trade carts anyway, send them to your enemy’s base, scout out the market and trade. It’s the ultimate 105.

Fun fact: in the version of Michi they added with the last patch each player gets a Gaia market on their side

Just a comment, I’m pretty sure this feature has to do with something similar teased for AOE4. We’ve already seen that several of the DLC civilization bonuses have shown up in AOE4 (Sicilian and Delhi Sultanate units being able to build defensive buildings, Burgundian and English farms generating gold, etc.), and as I talked about in this post, Deconstructing Age of Empires IV Fan Preview Video [Piece by Piece] - #16 by AlyoshaVonDiego, it seems likely that neutral markets will make an appearance in the upcoming title, too. The hints that something similar could happen in AOE2 just makes the inclusion of neutral markets in AOE4 seem all the more plausible to me, when considering all of the other features that have been carried over.

I don’t like the concept of a gaia market in the corners cause this would potentially extend games.

Better would be an infinite goldpile in the middle to let players actively fight over that advantage.

gold rush is basically that already. For most intents and purposes, the amount of gold in the middle is like infinite for a usual 1v1

On topic:

I think it could be a fun thing if it’s possible to script gaia markets into megarandom. Although someone better than me with map design would have to come up with the exact idea, thats for sure.

It’s a difference of having a limited amount of gold, but no mining limit and having an unlimited amount but can only mine with effectively 8 miners.
The first one is leading to a heavy early to mid game fight about the access to that to make a full gold comp, the other one is just to break a stalemate leading to possibly hours of never ending trash wars by giving one player who got an advantage over the other one a tool to snowball that lead.

you want something like a diamond tile from Dungeon Keeper 2 added? tbh it might be an interesting idea, especially for less serious/not ranked games :slight_smile:

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Oh really? That’s interesting… I do think a gaia market is a fun addition to new maps just to mix things up. Definitely dont every want to see michi in ranked though :joy:

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Honestly, I’d love a click button that allowed or disallowed gaia markets (every team gets 1 market at a set distance from their base thats towards the nearest corner - so its something you have to consider building ur base to protect it late game.

Also gives a target to raiding and pushes late game too.

Would be really refreshing to see some arabia 1v1’s played with that kind of setting imo!

Another idea is to give markets a tech that starts bringing trickle of gold per second. Amount of gold might increase with the number of markets you have. This could be UT for the very known heavily gold dependent civ as well. But of course a gaia market will bring different ways of fighting to protect a market which is outside your base and fight for the other gaia markets which will potentially make the game more fun.