Gajah Mada 3 Settlers are not building

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33164.0 4413671)
  • Platform (Steam)


(the first and second group of settlers that come in will not build up there colony just stand idle)

  1. (Play Gajah Mada 3)
  2. wait till the settlers come
  3. then you see they are idle

I played this mission a while ago and this is what is happening to me, I have destroyed both of the opponents, and all the win conditions are seemingly cleared, but the game will not trigger the “win”.

One peculiar thing I can see is orange trying to build a TC to a different island than where his villagers are.

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There is a discussion on Steam forums about this mission, apparently you’re supposed to only destroy 2 of the factions no matter what and this can “possibly” trigger a win, then.

It is possible to change diplomatic stance to war and destroy the settlements, I managed to fix the issue with the TC by destroying OJ’s villagers and all the buildings he had on another island, but that did not change the outcome, the mission cannot be completed.

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This happened to me, so I gave them some resources and they immediately started building. I think they are not being given the correct amount of wood, because in at least two cases sending like 500 wood got them moving again.

Additionally, if you finish the game with all of the colonies going it won’t ever actually trigger the victory, since you’re at 4/3 colonies instead of 3/3. The fix for me was to slaughter one of my 4 colonies in order to finish the game.

Really enjoying the game though, including this scenario.