Game Aesthetics, Portraits, Flags Feedback

May we please get more customization for our flags, banners, and portrait options? The current options are so basic, common, non-epic, non-legendary. Portraits may be ok, some of them. Yet, look at games like Crusader Kings III where we the players have are able to customize any desired. Even Bannerlord has more flag options. And for players who want immersion, it’s a very big deal to have such bleh, basic option.

Here’s my idea:

Give players more options to customize flags. INCLUDING the option to now have an emblem/logo (example, striples only flags, checkerboard/chessboard only flags (real life example: Hungary flag, Al-Andalus green/white checkerboard flag).

Make it so the players flag, appears in town centers/landmarks/keeps (Example, say I have a red/yellow Spanish flag. And in-game, I am the player with color redgreen. I will be green, all units, buildings, will be green, yet my banner from the profile. will appear on town centers and keeps.

And make it so the player’s flag also appears on the shielded troops’ shields. Example, on the men at arms. Keep the troops the color of the player (blue/teal/green/yellow etc), but at least if they’re wielding a shield, make it so the individual player’s banner shows ups even if small in the center of their shield. If this seems too much, then at least the landmarks.

And as far as portraits, I want to give feedback that I prefer if the portraits are kept around a historical element of the game. Example, we have a Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) portrait (I’m assuming this was sent out for Halloween and I didn’t see it when it came out), yet I don’t think it’s necessary, and honestly find it a turnoff, to have “Mexican holiday portraits” when I’m trying to play a historical game centered around the middle ages, primarily in EU/Asia/South Asia/Africa/Middle East. And, this is coming directly from someone who’s got Mexican herritage. If you devs feel adding holiday stuff is necessary, I would it much rather be centered around the current in-game civs.



I was about to write the same. I don’t mind the occasional seasonal icons, even when they are litteraly animals (see the beaver for Canada national day); as long as the game gives me customization I’m happy with it. The real game breaker, imoh, is the fact that we basically have just a violet palet of colours to costumize out flags! They looks all.the same and they are identical to the colours my 4 years old daughter is using to paints her Barbie album. I mean, I’m fine with it, some may like it, but why I can’t use darck black or blood red? Or why I can use red only on a certain part of my flag? To me it will be fine even to give players the possibility to “unlock” colours by winning challenges or earning them thanks to civs maestry. But let me use these colour to costumize whatever I want, if this is my own flag; right?

On the flags on the TC and generally speaking buildings I’m 100% with you; it will be beautiful and really charming to have the possibility to see your flag outside your own profile space. Even more having two flags: the empire flag and your own flag. Imagine playing as Bizantium, you have your own flag and then you see the Eastern Roman Empire flag; it will looks like you are one of the empire legions or perhaps a mercenary of some sort. I mean just make a game based on history more historically attractive (not necessary accurate in this case), it is a good idea :slight_smile:!


The other day I saw a parrot portrait, to this day I am still investigating what a parrot have to do with a age of empires game.